Hi – this is Anna.

This is my personal blog where I write about everything creative, everything social and everything green.

Kalle is a rather free abbreviation for Kaleidoscope, an optical instrument which is most commonly used as a toy for children. The word itself means „examining beautiful things“ and that is what this blog is about.

It is also the name of an analogue magazine I created in 2018 for my friends only which assembled articles released in other print magazines before. It was a gathering of appealing ideas I wanted to share. That is something I want to use this blog for, too.

If you want to say hello – you can. Just shoot me an email to hello@kalle-magazine.com.

If you want to complain about this blog or your miserable life in general, please save your and my time and do something nice instead; like calling a friend to tell her that you really appreciate her or go for a run. This really is worth the effort.