This is the first post on this blog.

This is number one.

This is the beginning.

Of what – I don’t know.

This is me planting a seed into the soil.

This is me creating something.

I want this blog to be a channel for my own curiosity and my interests.

So, this is really a very personal, very ego-centric project.

A project I choose to share publicly because I would like to show myself a little more to the world around me and test out what I can get away with.

It’s a chance to speak out in my own unique voice. Hence, this is a practice to stand my own ground.

Writing this blog is my practice of being me. Of becoming more myself. This is my opportunity to engage in a process of personal development which allows me to grow myself independent of the approval or rejection of other people. I am not doing this for you, guys. But if my work will get me connected to other minds out there – that’s fine. I love to learn about people and what’s going on in their lives.

This blog is my contribution to a collective conversation, though. It’s a garden that will grow a variety of plants. That’s because I am interested in various things. I would like to explore creativity and art. I would like to find out more about human relationships. And literally, I like gardening. But there is no limit, really. I will follow wherever my curiosity leads me.

Note: The picture I chose to accompany this introduction is taken by Tyler Lastovich who generously shared it at pexels.com

It’s a shot of Mt Cook, the highest mountain of New Zealand.